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Smart garage door repair tips for all those interested to keep a safe home with durable garage doors.

Get the right size tracks

Garage door tracks come in several sizes. The experts of our garage door repair company suggest measuring the existing tracks in order to get the right width and length. You need to know whether you will need horizontal/vertical or curved tracks and for which type of door. The right size will determine the size of rollers as well.

Replace the worn bottom seal

There is a reason why the experts of our service provider in Crosby insist on recommending immediate replacement of the bottom seal. Good sealing of the lowest part of the garage door will not only ensure that the temperatures of the garage will be moderated but it will also prohibit the entrance of intruders or insects.

Invest in good quality parts

Garage door parts ought to be durable and made of excellent quality materials since they must keep the heavy door in place and moving properly. Our experts in Crosby remind you that components are affected by elements and wear over time and they must be resistant.

Do not let anyone else know the access code

Letting other people know the access code to your garage is like giving them the keys to your home and inviting security concerns. Access codes also act like your passwords that should be kept a secret. Change the code every once in a while for improved security.

Garage door maintenance during summer

Inspect all parts that may be affected by excessive heat during this season. Check for rust formation on springs and rollers and check if tracks and brackets are already bent. Always clean the door and its surface. Apply some lube on the other hardware and also check the motor and cable.

Avoid garage door injuries

Teach your children about dangers of a garage door. Do not attempt to run under the door when it is already closing and never let anyone stand under it. Test the safety features of the opener regularly. Maintain the door regularly and get our technicians in Crosby to repair it if required.

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